The Organics Council ® was started as a collective of concerned scientists and professionals, disturbed by the number of toxins that we are exposed to daily. Our initial aim was to pressurise government bodies into banning from manufacturing plastic packaging made with harmful substances that could leach into food. We have since evolved, with the addition of new dedicated members, to focusing on the protection of the whole planet by promoting truly organic practice: circular economy practice.

Today, the Organics Council ® is the non-profit branch of the community benefit company aimed at actioning a circular economy via totally organic principles on product content and packaging.

Public engagement

Public members are part of the Organics Council ® and help us in our goal to spread knowledge on the environmental risks we face daily. In turn, we provide the public with the latest knowledge regarding product and service safety via social campaigns and initiatives such as, enabling people to make fully informed choices when it comes to protecting themselves, their loved ones and the whole planet.

We welcome impartial public members to join our Organics Council ® Audit Committee, which monitors the conduct of the Organics Council ® Science Committee to ensure we maintain our impartiality, accountability and scientific excellence at all times.

We keep building a network of fellow non-governmental organisations and work for unity, cooperation and sustainability.

Safety and sustainability

We have worked hard and long to deliver our ultimate achievement to date – the Assured Substance List protocol. This is an impartial circular economy substance test protocol, the first of its kind in the world. The protocol has enabled us to build from scratch a database of substances that are safety-assured for both humans and the planet.

We are working hard and fast to test as many substances as possible in our lifetime to enable the production of truly organic items as soon as possible. By using only substances and materials tested and included in the Organics Council ® Assured Substance List, socially responsible businesses now being able to guarantee that their products and services are made according to the best practices of circular economy and are the safest for humans and the planet.