Delivering a fully organic service should be as feasible as producing organic goods, and it should be subject to the same definition of ‘organic’. Organic services should be safe, sustainable and natural, wherever feasible, and they should rely on organic goods only, if any entailed.

Services are sometimes marketed as zero-carbon emissions; however, ‘emissions-free’ labels do not equate to ‘organic’. Reducing emissions may protect the planet’s climate from change, but it does not guarantee safety and sustainability for the health protection of both humans and the environment.

Although no statutory regulations exist for the delivery of organic services, the Organics Council ® sees potential for service industries to deliver fully organic services, as long as they only use organicapproved goods throughout their delivery process.

Organics Council ® is working to present the first ever, fully comprehensive and global organic, i.e. circular economy, service regulation in 2020.