With increased public awareness of the benefits of organic goods, food, cosmetics, textiles and other household consumer products are increasingly being given labels such as ‘eco’ or ‘bio’. Nevertheless, there are currently no comprehensive statutory regulations to oversee and ensure the quality of non-food goods worldwide. There is only one regulation on organic non-food goods covering cosmetics and personal care products in the USA: the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) certifies personal care products as organic with the same standards applied to agricultural products.

Worldwide organic non-food products are not comprehensively regulated by governments, which allows for misleading labelling and consumer misinformation without the possibility of preventative penal actions.

Organics Council ® is pleased to have introduced the first ever, global and fully comprehensive organic and circular economy non-food goods regulation in 2018. Please go to our Organic Non-food Goods Regulation to learn how you may add to the positive legacy for the better world while being a consumer or industry member.