OrganiTrust ® – first and safest global gold standard

Today’s consumers seek social impact in life. Helping consumers to discover and have an impact on the issues that matter to them is linked to improved attention, higher engagement and increased demand for products and services. In the developed world, environmental sustainability and healthy lifestyle rank among the top priorities for younger generations, because those are some of the most critical issues we currently face in our society.
The Organics Council ® supports the OrganiTrust ® pilot certification scheme, the first global initiative aimed at going above and beyond any other private and statutory safety certification scheme worldwide by adhering to the Organics Council ® Regulations, protecting the health of both humans and the planet.

The OrganiTrust ® certification scheme guarantees products and services are of circular economy type by verifying they meet all three organic principles: to be natural, wherever feasible, and to be sustainable and safe for both humans and the planet. Businesses open to circular economy and OrganiTrust ® certification scheme are able to create sustainable value in goods and services by focusing on value creation as opposed to burden reduction.

Circular economy offers to socially responsible businesses the most sustainable business model that:

  • minimises risks of environmental disaster and public health class actions
  • results in a long-term win-win outcome for both business and society

Public and environmental health

The Organics Council ® takes pride in the impartiality and transparency overseeing the OrganiTrust ® certification scheme, which is not influenced by industry stakeholders or governmental bodies. We place public health and environment protection first, acknowledging that public health and the environment are interdependent, and you can only be as healthy as the environment you live in. With this unique vision, the Organics Council ® is working towards bringing the world’s dependence on toxic materials and unsustainable practices to an end.

New approach to safety

Unlike the statutory regulations in Europe and the USA, which take an ‘if already in use, automatically assume safe until proven otherwise’ approach, the OrganiTrust ® certification scheme only authorises the use of ingredients that are approved and included in the Organics Council ® Approved Substance List. The Organics Council ® treats all substances as potentially dangerous until proven otherwise, and all substances undergo thorough and extensive safety assessments before being added to the Approved Substance List. The Organics Council ® assists socially responsible businesses in designing circular economy products and services and adapting their practices so that public and environmental health is put first.

To find out how to become part of circular economy, please visit OrganiTrust ®.