Impartiality Management Policy (download pdf)

 Conflict of Interest Management Policy (download pdf)

In order to guarantee its impartiality, transparency and accountability, the Organics Council ® is overseen by the Audit Committee. Half of the Committee is composed of a panel of voluntary public members, who are in turn scientists, non-governmental organisation representatives or experienced professionals.

The Audit Committee audits annually the Council’s compliance with Organics Council ® policies on impartiality, sustainability and complaint handling.

Assembly procedure

1. Public members are welcome to join the Audit Committee through our social website page Vote Health Campaign, where applicants are added to the pool of voluntary members. You may also email us your candidacy, though it is quicker if you visit, propose your candidacy and add reasons why your candidacy should be voted.
2. All applicants and public members can vote on and elect the two members that are most credible and free from industry interest. Based on the maximum vote process, the two newly elected members will join the two permanent members of the Organics Council ® Audit Committee.
3. Each newly gathered Audit Committee member is required to to declare his or her interests and screen the impartiality of the rest of the voluntary and permanent members to approve those memberships before the Audit Committee is able to start work in unity.
4. The Audit Committee can also have, if available, additional advisory-type voluntary members (Public Ambassadors), who are nominated through and have the observer and adviser powers.

If you would like to get involved and become a member of the Organics Council ® Audit Committee, please sign up to the Organics Council ® public membership and tick the option Volunteer Scientist or propose directly on, and you will be added to the Audit Committee public member election list.

We’d love to steer Organics Council ® together with you!