Circular Economy Certification Regulation (download pdf)

Current business approaches are burden-based, focusing on how to minimise the environmental damage burden. But why focus on burdens? Companies need to concentrate on finding ways to create sustainable value, as opposed to battling or worse hiding environmental burdens. Why not think long term and two directions at once? An increase in sustainable products and services value, offsets known and potential burdens, increases the business’s competitive edge against competitors and grants the company a stronger position in the future.

The sustainable value increase business model facilitates a competitive edge beyond regulation dependance and staple price/quantity competition basis. This long-sighted view is used in financial markets to allocate capital, so why not think beyond what you see now?

Build sustainable value today – make a circular economy happen – assure your tomorrow.

The Organics Council ® Approved Substance List offers a basis for businesses to build sustainable value. The List guarantees both human and environmental safety that no other statutory regulation offers. Its fresh approach includes the implementation of fully protocolled and scientifically robust safety tests, as well as guidance in creating sustainable value in the production of goods and services from design and inception, through certification, to value recovery.

Our Circular Economy Certification Regulation is capable of delivering both sustainable value for all and business competitive edge on a global scale.

Visit OrganiTrust ® for our first wordwide accredited circular economy certification scheme in action.