Global organics in unity

In the last three decades, many countries around the world have developed their own organic food regulations. However, the lack of global and harmonised standards has led to stark differences between national regulations. What is forbidden within European organic production may be permitted in organic practice in the USA and vice versa. To see the differences between USA and European Union (EU) organic food regulations, please visit the statutory regulation overview page. The Organics Council ® aims at providing a single and unified set of organics regulations and compliance standards that can be applied globally.

Truly Organic means Circular Economy

Although the EU and USA have established some of the most advanced organic food regulations worldwide, there are still many concerning shortcomings. These regulations do not cove anything beyond farmed ingredients, even though the non-farm industry affects environmental pollution more than the farm industry. This means that even if the product content is statutorily organic, contamination from unregulated toxic food packaging materials is still a major risk to the health of both humans and the planet.[1],[2],[3] For this reason, the Organics Council ® offers means to go fully organic with all products and services that socially responsible enterprises can deliver through product and service circular economy design implementation.

Organics in everything and everywhere

The Organics Council ® was founded with the aim of creating a global set of regulations to guarantee the health and safety of both food and non-food products and services. Given the current lack of statutory regulations covering non-food products and services, we have directed our current prime focus on those critical areas. What is the point of choosing ‘healthier’ organic food if it is sold in toxic or non-recyclable packaging, thus damaging our health and the environment?

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