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The Organics Council ® is dedicated to improving public awareness about the harmful substances we are exposed to daily and how to counteract this phenomenon. We have started, an open-source scientific article database with scientific articles written in layman terms on the latest health and environmental sustainability topics.
Our Approved Substance List is constantly expanding, along with our circular economy safety regulations. Stay informed on updates by signing up for Public Membership.
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Make responsible choices

OrganiTrust ® is the world’s first safety certification scheme that goes above and beyond any known industrial or government regulations, protecting both humans’ and the planet’s health at once. As a socially responsible business or consumer, you have several options available to make and buy circular economy (this truly organic) goods and services. Rest assured that by choosing OrganiTrust ® certified goods and services, you are making the safest choice possible for yourself, the planet and the generations to come.
Learn how to action circular economy with OrganiTrust ® certification scheme.

Join the team

As we are (and will always be) completely independent from industry, we are dependant on public support, and not only in terms of funds. The time and knowledge the public shares with us can be a bigger game changer than money. If it were not for the voluntary work of the Organics Council ® founding members, we would not be here today.
As Confucius said, ‘The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones’. We seek more mountain movers to help us keep moving bigger mountains, so please get in touch via our contact page to discuss possible ways you can contribute to our mission. Whether you are interested in joining our Audit Committee or Science Committee, or helping to conduct social projects or public health campaigns, we will certainly be pleased to hear from you.

Workshops and education

As well as providing advice and consultation upon request, the Organics Council ® also offers informative workshops for businesses, schools and concerned individuals. Book a workshop to spread the organic and circular economy knowledge further, giving everyone the option to make fully informed choices about their health and well-being.

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