The structure of the Organics Council ® includes an Audit Committee, half of which at least is chaired by public member representatives external to the Organics Council ®, and a Science Committee, chaired by our highest-tier scientists. These two Committees are crucial to our success, as they guarantee our impartiality and scientific accuracy in all we do.

Organics Council Science Committee is governed by Board of Directors and monitored by Audit Committee

Our strength lies in the stringent scientific accuracy applied to all the activities directed and overseen by our Science Committee. Our scientists’ expertise covers all facets of biology, chemistry and medicine, and our Science Committee members hold the highest of science credentials; all its members hold scientific PhDs, with many still continuing their scientific professional development via postdoc positions.
The Audit Committee ensures the impartiality, transparency and accountability of all our activities. It performs annual audits to ensure that these three principles are at the core of all we do.