We are happy to hear from you for advice, consultation and information on our work and social projects.


If you have a query about community membership, please get in touch via our social project website whatishealthy.info. There you will also find our knowledge base on the most common topics of public concern.

If you would like to arrange an educational workshop, please go to whatishealthy.info for more information on how to proceed.

We would like to hear your concerns about your health and safety, or anything from industrial practices, policies and regulations to the products you use and their potential harm. If you have any similar concern and you think a public enquiry or an urgent response is required, get in touch here.

If you have any fundraising ideas or plans, get in touch and let us know; we can assist you and credit your great work for positive legacy.


If you have any trade query, please go to OrganiTrust ®.